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Architect practice in Kent

Architect practice in Kent

Smith Group: Your Premier Architect Practice in Kent Welcome to Smith Group, where innovation meets elegance in the world of architecture. Founded in 2020 by Toby Smith, our chartered architect practice in Kent is a beacon of creativity and excellence in Kent and London. As a young, forward-thinking, and dynamic team, we bring a fresh … Read more

Smith Group’s Premier Architectural Services in Kent

Architectural services in Kent

Elevating Spaces: Smith Group’s Premier Architectural Services in Kent At Smith Group, we understand that architecture is more than just constructing buildings; it’s about creating spaces that inspire, function seamlessly, and stand the test of time. Based in the heart of Kent, our architectural services blend innovative design, sustainability, and local charm to deliver projects … Read more

Elevate Your Spaces with Smith Group Architects: Your Architect in Dover

Welcome to Smith Group Architects, where innovation meets timeless design in the heart of Dover. As a premier architectural firm serving Dover and the surrounding areas, we are passionate about transforming visions into reality. Whether you’re planning a residential remodel, commercial development, or community project, Smith Group Architects is here to bring expertise, creativity, and … Read more

Elevate Your Home with an Architectural Extension

Home Extension

Elevate Your Home with an Architectural Extension: Why Choose Smith Group as Your Partner In the realm of architecture and design, embarking on a home extension project marks a significant milestone. It’s not just about expanding your living space; it’s about crafting an environment that mirrors your lifestyle and aspirations. At Smith Group, we advocate … Read more

Smith Group – Premier Kent Based Architects

Kent Based Architects

Elevating Kent’s Landscape: Smith Group, Your Premier Kent Based Architects In the picturesque county of Kent, where history meets modernity, Smith Group stands as a beacon of architectural excellence. As a leading Kent based architects firm, we pride ourselves on our ability to blend the rich heritage of the region with innovative design concepts, creating … Read more

Experienced Architects in Kent – Smith Group

experienced architects in Kent

Elevating Architecture in Kent: Meet Our Experienced Team at Smith Group In the heart of Kent and pulsating with innovative design energy lies Smith Group, a collective of dynamic, forward-thinking and experienced architects. With a vision to redefine architectural excellence, we blend creativity with functionality, shaping living spaces that resonate with individuality. Crafting Tailored Designs … Read more

Extending Grade II Listed Buildings?

extension to a Grade II listed building

Can you add an extension to a Grade II listed Building? Overview by Smith Group Listed buildings stand as enduring monuments to history, their walls whispering tales of centuries past. Yet, while their charm and character are unparalleled, the internal layout of these venerable structures often falls short of modern living standards. As more and … Read more

Architect in Canterbury: Innovative Solutions by Smith Group

Canterbury Architects

Transforming Properties in Canterbury: Smith Group’s Dynamic Architectural Solutions Nestled in the historic city of Canterbury, Smith Group stands as a premier choice of architect. With a rich tapestry of heritage juxtaposed against modern aspirations, Canterbury presents a unique canvas for architectural exploration. At Smith Group, we embrace this dynamic landscape, leveraging our expertise to … Read more

Architect in Thanet: Architectural Excellence by Smith Group

Architectural services in Kent

Crafting Inspired Living Spaces: Architectural Excellence in Thanet by Smith Group Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Thanet, Smith Group emerges as a beacon of ingenuity and design in architecture. With a commitment to crafting personalised living spaces that seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetics, our team of architects and designers transform visions into reality for … Read more